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Holidaying In Britain
Our family has enjoyed holidaying in Britain for as long as I can remember, (at least 40 years), during which time there have been various criteria to meet, from child-friendly, via dog-friendly and, more recently, mobility-friendly.

Making The Right Choice
While the internet means our choice is now vast and instant (Google offers 15 million search results to the term ‘places to stay in Great Britain’), making the right choice seems proportionally that much more difficult!

Totally Independent
After hours spent trawling tantalisingly inviting web pages, the opinion we seek most in the hope of ‘getting it right’ is not just that of the owners or letting agents, but the impartial and considered recommendation of a recent paying guest. We could find a number of ‘holiday hell’ sites, and the obvious one where UK recommendations jostle for space amongst rather more exotic destinations such as St. Lucia and Bora Bora. Nowhere could we find a totally independent, advert-free, free-to-search database of user-generated reviews exclusively recommending great places to stay in Britain.

Rated Places
Enter ‘Rated Places’. A site dedicated solely to guests revealing the good and championing the worthy. A site where you can ‘laud & applaud’ rather than ‘name & shame’. A site to celebrate all that is GREAT about staying in Britain.

Please note: ALL the recommendations on this site are generated by recent paying guests rather than the owners, letting agents or anyone with a vested interest
“...because self-praise is no recommendation!”

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