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Property Owners’ Questions Answered

  1. How do I get my property on the site?
    The only way to get your property on the site is to encourage recent guests to write a review recommending it as a Rated Place to stay.
  2. What is the best way to get guests to leave a review?
    There are a number of options:
    • A follow-up email after their holiday with a link direct to our site
    • A card left in your own Visitors’ Book for them to take home with them
    • A printed out questionnaire left in the cottage or given to them upon departure
  3. What if a review is critical?
    The website is not intended to be used as a forum for criticism as that is not the function of the site. You may exercise your Right to Reply to address any comments you feel need clarifying or you may simply request that your property is removed from the site entirely.
  4. What does it cost to be on the site?
    Nothing. But you can upgrade your entry on the site to a Featured Property for just £125 per annum.
  5. What do I get for my £125?
    • Additional 4 colour photos - all of which can be fully enlarged
    • A text description of up to 150 words
    • 10 ‘at a glance’ features of your property
    • ‘At a glance’ snippet of reviews - up to 6
    • Hyperlink back to your website
    • We contact you IMMEDIATELY a review is received for your comments
    • We mark all your reviews as being ‘accurate and authentic’ once you have confirmed them
    • You will feature periodically on our front page of ‘This week’s Featured Recommendations’
    • Widget to install on your own website to link back to your page of reviews
    • We will, with your permission, ‘tweet’ all your new reviews
  6. How will people find my property reviews?
    There are several ways the site can be searched and your reviews found:
    • You can link back to your page of reviews from your site
    • Visitors to our site can search specifically for your reviews by entering the name of your property, OR your postcode (or brochure code if more applicable), or any part of your address
    • They can browse the site for inspiration by geographic area
    • They can even choose only those properties which reviewers stated were particularly suited to adults, children, wheelchair users, dog-owners, those seeking peace & quiet, or those who are looking for something very eco friendly.
    • They can simply search for a type of accommodation (self-catering, B&B or hotel) and the number of guests to be accommodated.

If you have any further queries and would like to talk to someone on the phone, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01494 757 059.


Please note: ALL the recommendations on this site are generated by recent paying guests rather than the owners, letting agents or anyone with a vested interest
“...because self-praise is no recommendation!”

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